do the troll?

The troll beat?

Heard the trolling sound?

lol does a troll like these?

Ha! can be a bit more serious, like the troll types. What do you think?

Can I think? Perhaps a thoughtless idea is How come people have issues with trolling?

Maybe people are into sorting psychology phd degrees?

No,, Serious.. I mean.. Say someones calls me a biatch, or a stupid arse, or talks about moon-dicks when the conversation is about surfing, or whatever – can i not just ignore?

Did you check troll?

Have you read Ignore?

I have infact.. So how can you ignore something after reading it?

Huh??!! I just move on. Just skip over.. Like we do over a piece of shit. How else?

Oh! I thought you meant literally “ignore” – ie pretend something you know Is there, isn’t?

What’s the problem with that?

We move from avoiding something to pretending something isn’t there. See the difference?

No.. Not really.. Anyway.. What’s the point?

Hope you can see there’s a difference that can be had.. Anyhow.. Point? That a troll makes you do something and invariably it feels like a bloody waste of time. Can you dig that?

Perhaps I can, but still, there’s more to trolling than just a time waste?

Perhaps.. But we began with you saying that..

I still don’t get the problems people seem to have.. Its just words.. Even if you spend a few seconds skipping, avoiding, ignoring – or whatever you want to call it – are we not talking of wands? Sticks and stone may break my bones – but words will never..?

Are you saying words have no consequences outside of just being words..?

Are you saying All words have consequences which take place outside the realms of words..?

Humm.. At least we agree that some do..? 😉

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@if back in the day we just had our own killfiles. "blocking" seems to have such… connotations these days. the tai Chi player doesn’t bother to tell you they’re moving out of the way.

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