a post about debt?

Remember the debt film?

You mean the debt bit post?

Yes.. I recall.. did we mention debt music there?

That’s just a name.. Like Coocoo the joojoo or something.. Nothing to do with debt really?

LOL.. Yes.. How else would you do debt in music?

Sue someone for “copyrights”?

Call that music?

Suing or copyrights?

Wow.. Hold on.. Why name is less debt that a movie talking about debt?

Because a name could be anything, its of no real consequences.. The film is a meditation about debt in our culture.. Surely you can see the difference?

Yes.. The movie is meaning debt.. The name of some dj or something is just a name.. Are you saying meaning doesn’t mean anything?

You mean meaning might not signify anything.. Well.. I think a name might not just be a name when it also has a meaning… Maybe every time you say “datadebt” you consider debt?

Yes? How?

Debt as data?

Is that it?

LOL.. What does it mean “debt as data”?

Exactly what am talking about.. No?

Not exactly.. That could be debt names – not debt music.. Then the question might be how debt might operate as a name?

Like a name as a debt to society?

Like the debt of society with your name?

No.. These are debt aspects of names.. A reading into naming..?

Not sure because..


Well.. Check this.. Know when people get together and want to form something? A band. A business. A cooperative.. et.. They tend to look for a name.. Are you saying that part of the arguments people get into in that process has nothing to do with debt?

You mean that the group might be indebted to who ever comes up with a name everyone agrees upon?

Yes.. Know the sensation?

Yes.. But this sounds very silly, no?

Silly or not – that’s how it is, right?

Not exactly.. I mean.. If we agree a name, as a group, then surely, there is an equal exchange between the proposer and the group agrees to take the name proposal.. Hence no debt?

Obviously you haven’t been to conversations when a person claimed the group owed them something – or even claimed ownership – for coming up with a name..?

What about the film?

What about it?

Can we not discuss it now?

Do you have something to get off your chest?

Perhaps.. Thought it might be interesting?

No.. It feels like you have something to get off your chest and you feel others owe you? Owe to give you the time to do that?

Well.. We did say the film will be discussed.. No?

Yes.. But I do not owe you.. Why should anyone here do this just because you feel there is a debt?

If you want to take something off your chest, do you not want others context?

When – not if – I do want to express myself.. When I do, it helps doing it in context.. But perhaps now is not yet the context for you?


FFS! Am going. Trying to tell you something, but you are just interested in yourself.. Why bother?

Are you not interested in Yourself?

If I do, does it mean you have to follow? Maybe am wrong to do that?

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