electoral reform for the uk?

maybe, post brexit, not for the uk but england only?

maybe its not a reform – as in making things more egalitarian, less unequal and more accountable – but just a change?

A change? Maybe a tweak?

They say PRproportional representation – but which do they mean?

Is the Which question up for discussion?

Hold on.. Why PR? Why not some other system?

Why voting?

Why not a system no one has yet to try?

Which system?

Well.. How about one in which people are nominated and have to try convincing voters Not to elect them?

A failed based system..?

Actually.. Is this a system or a method?

Yes.. Maybe we should focus on methods rather than systems?

Why not chance?

Why not pick a method and/or a system to begin with, and review it after 3 rounds?

After 3 rounds might pick something else?

Yes.. Or stay?

Ohhhhh.. Markets will get all jittery about that.. know what I mean?

What do you mean?


So why democracy if stability is prime?

There is a balance between stability, transparency and accountability – do you agree this is where we are now?

What.. Like in Italy?

Maybe check Italy’s credit ratings..?

Nothing to do with democracy then, hey? 😉

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