boomboom (interval) hoooooo! and a conflict?

Whats that about?

Iceland football supporters chant.. Over heard somewhere.. A curious case of a shortening interval that slowly erodes as the group, in a sense, comes to feel increasingly more together.. Is it not interesting how this form is replicated from below in other group situations?

What are you on about?


Oh! A bit like a question and group answer.. Say yes? Yes! What? Yes! What? Yes! Yes!.. etc.. From below?

Kind of ironic because the structure seems hierarchical.. The form seems to emerge in various groups and situations without prior planning?

Can it work with planning? Does it resist planning?

I doubt.. But curious.. The term “work”.. Check the clip.. About 3.10(mins) in.. A group of iceland and england supporters meet – what do they share? A common affection for football? A common nationalistic affection? A common drinking interest?

Hummm.. a common struggle against having to labour for other people’s benefits?

Maybe not common, as each might struggle their own way.. A shared irritation? We all need to shit – but have our own stench thank you very much??

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