a bit random but its the state(??!!) of the world?

Was checking stuff regarding emergent economics and bumped into:
What seemed strange is the statement:
“Committed to improving the state of the world”

How do they know the world has a certain state?
How do they know that if it does have a state, it requires improving?
How, if indeed there is a state that requires improving the world, do they know that they indeed know what and how to do that?
How, given the nature of future’s un knownability, the fact that most consequences are un-intended, and that when seriously questioned, we tend to Be uncertain as well – do they know that what ever they might do, will actually on the whole cause improvements..?

Am I taking the line too literally, and it actually means something more like:
Hey, we INTEND to improve stuff, to make the future better than both past and present, that’s our motivation. So, when we fuck things up, please do not be angry with us, our intention is positive, so let us feel self righteous in our future disasters and wallow in that?

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