a joke or the laugh is on


suspect the meaning of brexit’s bring democracy back to uk is a code for more power for rich and aristocratic few?

check this screenshot:
murdoch and power - brexit's bring democracy back to uk

(Murdoch is saying: hey, in downing street – i am the boss. in europe, am a nobody..)

Am I wrong? Am I noting stuff that am looking for? My own reflection? Maybe…
How else can such a statement be interpreted?
A Joke? Said in a jest?

Perhaps… But couple that with a distinct lack of suggestions to extend accountability, transparency, democratic rights and further equality – elements they claim are arrested by eu – then maybe its not a joke?

A conjuncture?
I might be guilty at that too. However, when we look at the majority of brexiters pushers politics, when was the national capitalistic branch of political activities doing stuff to promote any democratic elements?
When its concerned with business practices. When its to do with the economy.
…or to stop people having free movement, abortion, etc..?
Yes.. ok.. and the point?

The point is, I think, that having a say as a code for access to power for the few, seems less of a conjuncture, no?

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