does insecurity fuel fear?

Lets check the question of whether there might be a link between insecurity and fear?

Why not not insecurity and beer?

Not a very clever attempt for a rhyme.
However, perhaps there is something to claim regarding feeling insecure and alcohol consumption? IDK..
Anyway, going back to fear and insecurity.. It seems to be plausibly relevant since a latest citizens advice publication claims people, 1 in 6 workers, do not exactly feel secure.

So what? Capitalism 1, Democracy -1sq!

Sure. Welcome to “normalcy”. However, perhaps I, and maybe others(?), can use being reminded that when people might do stuff against their interests, and against very basic logic – there might be a probability they operate through fear?

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Here’s a video re immigration and brexit. Check a few mins in, the journalist remarks that people feel “angry and insecure”.
How do I react when am angry and unsecured? Is that the time for me to take major decisions? Or the time to think, relax and attempt to think, and then get into decision making?

Perhaps we are being exploited by the bigots that claim migrants take all, and by bremain hypocrites that instead of acknowledging anger and fear – stoke it by spreading insecurity and undermine democracy in the process? (ie the bremain tories squeeze austerity, campaign on “if we leave then hell breaks lose”, and its obvious they undermine the idea of choosing without being punished.. However, come to think of it, in general elections, they do use the same kind of economic punishment stick to cow people into not voting for social oriented parties, no?)

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