a spoken fail language of?

a failure from a spoken language?

say I uttered that 1 + 2 = 3, what was I thinking?

You thought that a single and a couple will make a trio?

say I uttered – I want coffee, what was I thinking?

That you want coffee?

Perhaps, but isn’t there another thought?

The order of the words?

In other languages, I might have said want coffee, or coffee want me, etc. – is it not different?

..and 1 + 2 is not different to 2 + 1 ?

..and what if we could swap words places from our desires wishes in spoken languages?

Perhaps swapping is kind of european oriented, but if the idea is speak without rules – is it not poetry?

Poetry plays with rules and conditions etc. its radical – but not an ignorance of linguistic rules, right?

Hold on! Isn’t poetry emerges when language fail?

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