A view regarding dynamics in art?

This is in relation with the post regarding if xyz.xyz and th idea of dynamics that’s at the background.

It seems to me that apart from the example of sounds composition in the post, it can be argued that alterations in practices we tend to link with art, seem to have something to do with dynamics among elements.
This point is well illustrated in David Joselit’s talk about Duchamp: “beyond repetition”. DJ points out that the fountain performs the activities we link with art, however with different dynamics involved. Ie – getting an object, giving it a name, signing it, placing in link with established art sequences. Am using here my own words slightly, however, I think the ideas, and more artworld establishment friendly wordings are better expressed in the talk.

The point that am trying to get to question though is to do with dynamics and that through manipulations of How elements link with one another, alters the aesthetics.
In a sense, am thinking that it is pivotal for practices such as ifxyz.xyz precisely because we focus on abstract elements.

Perhaps “abstract” should be defined better in this context?

Since the focus is on elements in time, in a movement that is a kind of a stream, might be part of a wave, but probably not. Its a contingency in time.(??!!)
Since we are focusing, it does not serve to deny otherness to ifxyz.xyz. Its just a current – time again – practice.
However, it seems to me that if indeed we are focusing on time-based elements, then it is appropriate to use dynamics.
Going back to the JD talk, I think the dynamics he raises work ok in the context of his delivery because he too is talking about duchamp’s work in terms of time. Granted, the time idea is not explicit, however, how else can we consider performativity and operations – now using DJ’s terms – but as some sort of combined/composed elements in time?

Seriously. Is there other than time element? Am interested because I know that I read many things in rhythmic, time, stream, wave sort of terms. Hence perhaps I have an over propensity to attempt time-oriented rout to comprehend and interprate stuff. It needs to be checked. It needs, perhaps its own sense of ifness? Can it?

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