an arbitrary if?

Are the if waves arbitrary or something more interesting?
I think that perhaps am currently wrong in their non-arbitrary nature*. However, it seems like they at least could be non arbitrary..

Here it goes:
Say something like
if XyZ with ^ ?
After the initial getting used to it, the wave doesn’t seem to require a “then” because of its ability to fold back into itself and be a rhythm. This is because of the interval (the ^), the ? of the whole (hence spacebar then “?”) and the if in relation to the “?”. This makes the wave be a bit like an abstract version of an imagination such as:
if we go to the pub? – ie the question that repeats in one’s mind prior to a decision to follow it with a Then. When the mind is wondering and wandering among options. eg If we go to the pub? If we stay at home? If we get a train ticket? etc..

* Nature in this case links with autonomous innate operation. Unforced by power of this kind or another..

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