art forms from death?

Death again?

Death and art – isn’t this a bit conservative?

Ever had a chat with an artist to the tune of: when is it that a work is “finished”?

Oh! lol – and the reply is, invariably, when the work isn’t alive? When its formed? When it has been crystallised? When its Dead??

Indeed! However, perhaps from that, there are a few itchy questions that might actually be – if not sound – less conservative – and maybe more appropriate for a fair few people at the same time?

HUH?? What all that on about?

Art work? Is the art a work – the dead outcome that is to live for others eternity or a day – but is finished for the artist?

Art and rhythms? What happens when stuff dies too quickly?

Is that the birth of procrastination?

Exactly – lol! ..and maybe a call for life?


Live art?

How about life as the end of art/life/death distinctions?

Exactly – and more.. How about the killing of death?

The end of death?

Well.. In terms of death being the readiness of art work to face the music?

Yes, and then the process just evolves, no?

Or might evolve?

If its “evolve rather than develop – might is there organically, no?

Hummm.. is this the death for this post?

Indeed! By being a formalisation via representational descriptive oriented language – there is an inbuilt requirement for death?

Else, when do you press save?

However, aren’t these questions?

I see.. Perhaps sometime its not an end but time to move into a different wave – while the current wave re-energises?

..or continues in other ways?

So if I save this and move on, this is not a kind of killing?

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