art life and death – perhaps boring but maybe not too tricky?

an observation = life as a trick to do while the fancy is of not being dead

lets remain with the trick bit.. life as a sort of temporary holding trick..

I was checking translations of “trick” and got into german as:
Kunststück.. Perhaps more precisely put as a feat.. Can live with life as a feat.. yes?
Now what is we break this down a bit, the Kunststück, seemed like Kunst + stück when I know art is referred to in german as kunst..

Kunst + stück is translated as: piece of art..

From here I take it that it can perhaps be argued the observation could also be:
life as a piece of art while the fancy is of not being dead..

Yet, perhaps, the very process, or more precisely, the practice of art(ing), is that of death – so the feat is to make the dead/death feed life?
When this works no more – life folds and fades into death?

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if a + b – (N + D(abN))
a as any
b as any that isn’t a
N as a number of opposite of a and/or b
D(abN) as an end of what ever processes in a b and N


perhaps interesting, but not abstract enough, I think..

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