delegative liquid vote democracy at london open institute (Le-OI)

Tonight there is going to be a chat at hosted by David Bovill of: re “liquid” law and “liquid” democracy.
Jordan Greenhall, is invited to talk about his vision for a society.. Ouch! When I hear Vision for other people that kind of assumes, presumes the other people are blind? Or presumes something re future? Is that open? IDK.. Anyhow.. J Greenhall was heavily involved in as far as I gather and well into “making” money?

OK.. THis perhaps is interesting because in the event I thought Jordan was actually, at least in direction, attempting to be and to Be with tools rather than visions.. So perhaps the “vision” bit was not his description. If you read this Jordan, APOLOGIES!!

Possibly explanatory links about the delgative way these guys think of democratic processes: – a feedback software.. I think actually the decision making applications out there that use communal ways to achieve their goals might be more interesting in context? – not sure I understand.. Is that a liquidism? – hummm.. should read more but hard with that colour.. Interesting the distinction between representation and delegation.. In the sense that “liquid” is an attempt to represent the delegative process.. Perhaps this might sound like a side issue – and perhaps this is! – however I wonder on a sort of more animalistic scale whether there is here an example of being – delegation – and metphorical – “liquid”.. Ontology vs epistemology?

…and ofcourse:

Not sure if Hilan Bensusan of will come to chat about the Brazil demos.. Hopefully yes, he usually have something interesting to say!

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