digital network enhanced slaves?

isis/isl/daesh – take your pick – sells slaves on whatsapp/facebook – take your pick.. Awful, is it not?

Huh??!! Awful? Which? Who? Where? When? How?

Neither clever nor funny.. Look.. Its simple, isis sells sex slaves through social media.. These social media people, in a way, get a bit rich with slavery attached, no?

Yes.. Sure the social media capitalists do get rich.. However, usingh sensorship just so they could look nice – is an approach trhat, imho, misses the point of slavery and enforces a culture of power and shutting people up. If sensorship is ok in one case, why not in another and so on?

Ah! They should allow isis to sell, right?

If they sensored isis, do you think it will stop selling slaves?

No. But will make it harder.. Surely?

I think that will only do what power and censorship do best – drive the targets to use other means, while make the problem larger and yet – unseen.. Why not mention the fact that: 1. how come we are not surprised isis places people for sale? and 2, perhaps more crucially – that there are people, not isis people – which perhaps means people we deal with – willing to even contemplate buying humans..??!!

Surely we need to start doing Something..?

Even if that something has nothing to do with the problem and more tragically – creates its own problems which enhance the shit we try to solve to begin with??

So.. Who are these buyers?

Perhaps here we get a clue?

Hummm.. why these search terms? Why not more general?

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