forget this title? how? forgettable as an attempt to miss without needing to grasp not aiming for attention? ie what lives through escaping this? how to escape this as a life? how exits come through forgetting to attend? and yes

how can we forget attending that which doesn’t demand?
like forgetting to wash clean dishes?
a thought that seemed curious, may indeed come curious yet got forgotten in some attention grabbed mind’s acts?

many things kind of try
to get
to grasp
to hold

in contemporary literature, i think the locative, the ambient oriented texts, can be said to want grabbing attention – immerse – at certain times, places and with specific technologies.

however, i think it might come interesting to develop
a different approach to the relationship between elements in general and getting, reaching, grasping, immersing, memory-demanding elements in more specific manner – therefore?

something like:
forgetful attention orientation.
stuff that may seem to go on and on while repeating themselves into some non and nonsensical prose that attempts to conjure a certain kind of mode through which an abstract kind of feeling
an abstract rather than abstraction
can surge
can bend
can live inflicted in the background and move while a reading mind jumps into un yets, into yet to get, or exits that offer questions for attention away from the

a forgetful attention should work for
as well as for
and genes
tech without tekne
and star clusters

note re last toot:
this list lives practically rather than
as a poetic so and so.
yes –
forgetful attention for a wind?