formally informal formalities?

Why not just formal and informal?

A binary scratches wrong ways, no? 😉

Maybe the question is that of various formalities?

Like informal and informal?

Why formalities? Isn’t the the question is of forms?

Maybe formulations?

How about the movement of formalities?


As in formalitism?

How they move?

Maybe their weight?


Marble weight more than a gene?

A pyramid weighs more than a cloud?

A chair weighs more than fat?

Doesn’t it depend on how much fat?

OK.. Fat weighs more than a number?

A number weighs more than the sensation from numerality?

…and that kind of sensation seems a bit, shall we say, informal?

However, isn’t it that by checking various materialities, movements, weighs, of formality’s forms, we can actually Get the differences better?

How do you mean?

Say I give you a recipe, a pen, and an idea – all might be rather informal – however, they are different, no?

Semantically different?

I think radical difference since, for example, an idea is utterly different in material than a pen or a recipe?

Is this a nonformal approach?

An un-formal?

Maybe its a formal afterall? 😉

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