arbitrality, running and AI?

Just came back from a run??

Do you run arbitrarily?

Arbitrarily has to do with Yes/No arbitrary, no?

Well.. When a person runs in a rhythm like: fast 50 secs, stop 10 secs – and so on – do they stop/run at arbitrary times?

As in the run/stop are whimsical, will dependent or despotic?

How about when there’s stuff on the way which makes a runner stop/start?

What, like gates, cars, people, etc.?

Yes.. They come by chance, no?

How about the runners’ body.. Say a person runs fast until it hurts. Stops until pain fades slightly and starts all over again – is the body arbitrary too?

Arbitrary means all these things mentioned, but it comes from arbiter, a judge, a decision maker. How did it turn from that to whimsical and stuff?

The body, the pain, emerges organically no?

We call it organically, however, does it not depend on various elements, the quality of which is arbitrary?

Is quality an arbitrary thing by nature?



Is the question of arbitrality, really, is a twist on the culture/nature question?

Or going into the question of formalitiness?

Hummm.. Would an AI make such connections?

Are these connections or links?

Since they don’t connect yet?

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