still supporting free speech?

Free speech or the freedom of expression?

What brings this about?

Post-truth, word of the year?

How does this link to free expression?

Is it not that the idea is – anyone can express anything they fancy?

That’s freedom, no?

And are you free?

Who is free to say whatever they fancy?

Maybe a very very very very very rich person?

Like freedom is still power dependent?

Perhaps when its freedom of speech?

Hummm.. Is this how free expression loving people suddenly fancy facebook to censor fake sites?

Is it about fake news of “search bubble”?

A feed bubble?

Maybe they should move to narcissus algorithm?

an.. or.. err.. How about the question of free expression and the fact that it plays so nicely with power?


If I am more powerfull, I have more expression freedom, right?


It seems that if a person is more powerful, they can say stuff, some beleive instantly for power, and others will be afraid to say anyting, yes?

I don’t think its exactly as simple as that. However, fear, is it not interesting to have come up?

How come?

Well.. Do we fancy free speech, or fearless speech?

Is that same as free expression?

Fearless expression – anyone has a problem with that?

Does parrhesia negate power?

Wouldn’t you like to try?

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