happy-not-ness is a room hugging gorilla?

Was just checking images of people on ycombinator.
What are these images telling me?
They seem to say “be happy”.

Is life, is being alive, necessitate being happy – or vice versa?
I’d say being alive is to be creative rather than happy. To have a flexibility and honesty about the kind of personality one cultivates. Being happy, in that context, is very frightening. It requires hiding stuff others might deem negative. Indeed, it requires a sort of binary perception, a black and white, good and bad idea about the world.. A perception that in my mind is very aggressive, violent and when un-acknowledged, builds a lot of righteous residue.. (a sense of a person, society, and culture telling themselves that they are right, that they mean well – hence activities should be taken in that well-meaning light. And whoever perceives differently is dangerous to them, because they fail to see their mission, meaning, intent..)

The images seem like faces of people in some cult.. Perhaps the cult of capitalism? Cult the good well meaning capitalist?

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