religion as a ritualistic truths or aesthetics?

Am currently in the zionist controlled bit of palestine where people are all abuzz about the pass-over ritual/holiday.. Hence, probably, I was kind of thinking about rituals and religions, ritualistic religions, religions as rituals, religions that seemingly do not exist without rituals, and the rituals that might be religious free.. (eg theatre.. though religion might […]

happy-not-ness is a room hugging gorilla?

Was just checking images of people on ycombinator. What are these images telling me? They seem to say “be happy”. Is life, is being alive, necessitate being happy – or vice versa? I’d say being alive is to be creative rather than happy. To have a flexibility and honesty about the kind of personality one […]

Quatermass Experiment and narcissian time & prophecies in religious culture?

Was watching QE and realised the plot progression seems very strange to me. The story seems to move via revelations of individuals. The revelations are, in fact, speculations, however because each turns to be correct in the movie – they can be read as revelations of truth by superior men.. (they are men, btw..) Instead […]