Quatermass Experiment and narcissian time & prophecies in religious culture?

Was watching QE and realised the plot progression seems very strange to me. The story seems to move via revelations of individuals. The revelations are, in fact, speculations, however because each turns to be correct in the movie – they can be read as revelations of truth by superior men.. (they are men, btw..)
Instead of sharing the questions and problems that protagonists face, the attitude is that its pretty cool to tell other people – lower in rank – what to do.
The main scientist, and the Dr, are in no need for input other than themselves – however they are also “scientists”. In a sense, perhaps this is a view of secular/free life that is still tainted by religiousness’ prophetic and revelational cultures, no? Am saying that because take away the science bit, place a religious bit instead, and it could work the same..

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While skateborading up the hill* it occurred to me that perhaps the seeming instinct to provide instructions/guides as to How/What to do in a collaborative and collective art processes – might in itself be a remnant of religious based induction, hence in my mind not entirely clear..
Lets try and clarify that at least..
One of the chats for hack the barbican – the opera (http://ununununun.com/hack-barbican-opera/), was with napathon project. The guy said something like: “we were tiered yesterday… Thought others might be in similar state.. So we arranged the space, made some rules to share that good napping feeling with others..” Thing is, that then the guide/instructions/constraints gave birth to their own little life ofcourse. Life which seems enabling, however in my view is regressive in direction – hence the religious connotation which is being reinforced with the idea of transferring elements in strict manners via religions.. Just do and you’ll find out how good it is – don’t ask..

The interest for me in the search approach is precisely the possibility of transferring stuff, but in a non restrictive way.. I think in some ways this is a bit like some kinds of music – and here its interesting to note that Muse is the metaphor for sound/noise arrangements – however, perhaps done with a wider arrays of possibilities, and outlook..? Certainly there is the abstract elements.. (which am kind of still searching for..?)

* Mentioned the skateboarding in case there is a certain link..

Perhaps this is Not the correct place?

Transes.. We use language to trans stuff.. In fact, we tend to use any possible element to try and trans stuff? The horse was the language of engines – horse power measurements. The Engine is a language of a search activity – search engine.. And so on and on, we keep imagine in transes..
The only thing is that we forget the trans-ability?
<< OH that is different from notations.. Notations are a language being applied in music to trans sound and noise ideas?? >>
Trans — In that case.. The language of search of Gasworks while going to Furtherfield:
Coffee as a slide into the practice?
Sliding into stuff..
Sliders and street vendors..
Sliders and normality.
Normality is a slide.
Lets slide off normality.
The slide transed into friction between surfaces.
Now we have:
Surface friction
A short time unit of Space time of friction
sequence #2: (and so on..?)

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