Quatermass Experiment and narcissian time & prophecies in religious culture?

Was watching QE and realised the plot progression seems very strange to me. The story seems to move via revelations of individuals. The revelations are, in fact, speculations, however because each turns to be correct in the movie – they can be read as revelations of truth by superior men.. (they are men, btw..)
Instead of sharing the questions and problems that protagonists face, the attitude is that its pretty cool to tell other people – lower in rank – what to do.
The main scientist, and the Dr, are in no need for input other than themselves – however they are also “scientists”. In a sense, perhaps this is a view of secular/free life that is still tainted by religiousness’ prophetic and revelational cultures, no? Am saying that because take away the science bit, place a religious bit instead, and it could work the same..