why Why WhY whY wHy WHY?

Over the past few days I became increasingly irritated by question to the effect of Why I do stuff I do.
Yesterday I suddenly realised that my irritation was because of my own imagination – how I misread/dis-understood the Why. Up to that realisation/? it felt like the why was demanding a simple answer. X because of Y. I do solar energy cos am concerned about fossil fuels. And I did not want to give replies like: I search imagining how to stop breathing because fish don’t do that! – which, I think, might be disingenuous reply to an honest question.
The thought that hit me yesterday was that perhaps the Why in people’s minds is not a functionality demanding as it seemed in my perception. Perhaps the Why is actually the most understanding and intimately linked to search art practices? Perhaps, just like the why in the questioner’s mind – there is a simple why to do and throw into life – a Why strand – that is the WHy for the practices?

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