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I begin to notice a fair few capitalists – eg pheed – make a bit of a noise that They will not keep YouR data. Your content will be only yours, you just let us keep it, right?
Is it not a bit like the money that is Yours and the banks let you keep it with them – err You let them keep it for you? Safe?
Made me wonder if we can think of media capitalists in analogous way to banks..
Data banks?
The data is virtual, like money it is valuable only so long we make it up?

More interestingly, I think, is that the banks’ Power comes via being in some control over the exchange, the mode of exchange and its values. Is it not too dissimilar to media corps that want to be used, hence be made Your exchange modes providers? The fopcus is not on the content that runs through them – but the fact it runs through. That is where most traditional hence settelements were built on places where people will have to come and exchange at.. On rivers, water holes, etc.. The value was about controlling the place for exchange.. Looks like it still is..

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