hyper(allergic) art without indifferences that matter?

Can art matter?

How can art be un-allergic to being matter?

Art? How art?

Say art like that kind of talk?

Does it matter weather or not art matter?

Matter as in means stuff beyond its materiality?

Beyond 0’s and 1’s when its digital?

Can art be art beyond its materiality?

Can you be yourself when instead of flesh you become paint on canvass or 1’s and 0’s?

What of artless that’s not there?

What of artless? What when artlessness means nothing?

How about matter as difference?

Like art difference and indifference?

A bit like differences between “arts”?

Is the difference itself matter?

If the difference is itself – is it art?

Maybe the question of how can it art?

But when art, wtf?

Art as a difference maker?

Art as a link?

Art as an interval?

How about without art?

Another artlessness?

Why all that eye brow bollocks drivel – does it not shrivel for you in face of straight fwd art that indeed matters?

Is this a kind of straight fwd shit free art that matters?

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