if you imagine china as a future, then perhaps you fancy

imagining bits of chinese present?

For example, Smog as means for:
Unity, Equality, Awakeness, Knowledge and Humour. (without irony, apparently..)
And the 5 points above as cultural Smog who’s transgression might mean the end of your limited autonomy?

The link: http://view.news.qq.com/a/20131209/012073.htm

The gtranslation:
Ruined health, cover the sky, paralyzed traffic …… haze this year became the universal enemy, everyone can not wait to “eat its meat, its skin sleep” by the outside door. However, to defeat an enemy that does not seem that great master, nor is the arena Ranger, but only from beyond the Great Wall winds. “The wind is Beijing rag. Siberia, is Beijing’s cleaners let Siberia northwest wind quickly to come!” @ Xu commentary on the microblogging lament reflects both the unbearable reality to a considerable extent, also said out of the people’s frustration and self-deprecating.

But, have you ever realized that you both hate and helpless haze was not completely useless, it ravaged China, but also to our national and personal brought five major benefits. I am not mad, haze never took bribes, even when the writing of this manuscript heart still aches, but fair, have to say.

First, haze Chinese people more united. In Let this ancient civilization for thousands of years throughout the change process in the formation of their own tradition and pride, coupled with the uneven development of Chinese contemporary regional and large-scale population movements exist, the media has increasingly developed, so representatives of different places to see each other not pleasing to the eye, always take their own strengths to laugh at other people’s weaknesses, geographical attack a “school of learning.” In the haze problem, initially no exception. Perhaps this is related with the degree of exposure, perhaps with people “afraid to watch something big” mentality about to Beijing as the representative of the first-tier cities become a target for the rest of the people. Someone borrowed Tsinghua motto coined “Houde fog contained, self does not suck” and “Beijing haze Spirit” …… I really do not fake a variety of semi-piece, the list goes on. Even foreigners also joined in the fun, create a “Beijing cough” of the disease, but also render the foreign white-collar workers have fled northward due to haze wide “panic.” For a time, everyone seems to have found a common laughingstock and punching bag, everyone chatter Beijing, completely ignoring the overall air quality in the capital is far stronger than the facts in Shijiazhuang, Handan, Baoding, Zhengzhou and Lanzhou city.

This is not good, not realistic, nor harmony. Fortunately, people across the country will soon have formed a “anti-haze national united front.” This enemy is very aggressive haze of greed, conquest of the vast land policy was soon replaced by a focus on all-out offensive attack, not only beat the Beijing, Tianjin, captured the Northeast, but Songhu broke through the defense, the earth swallowed Central, Western encroachment penetration rear, even in the resort of Sanya also avoid haze beach landing, which promote the rapid enough to make the year the Japanese devils shame. Haze went, first to disarm the major cities, small towns and villages have also occupied, residents looking block “behind base” Duo Duo is immune. Thus, the National People’s sad reminders around to find that we are just about the same in the presence of haze, turn adversity, who also could not get much sense of superiority, or do not defeating each other up.

Secondly, the haze Chinese people more equal. Admittedly, affected the times and social environment, today’s China, there are many inequalities. However, the haze make a strong stomach underlying grievances of people saw the “emancipation” of hope. Rather, this hope is not “old Yan Wang Xietang ago, flying into the homes of ordinary people,” but in turn: we Cock wire smoke haze, and you can not escape Tyrant. Of course, some people say that the rich and powerful can buy “special for” air, ho can hide the car, you can use this as a means to reduce their harm suffered. But after all, few people, and they can not be completely isolated from the local air. Generally speaking, everyone in front of haze is relatively equal. Therefore, we can say haze brought fairness, although this fair is so sad.

Third, haze Chinese people more awake. When the whole world is touted China’s economic miracle, when the whole society obsessed with changing the standard of living, the haze let us clearly understand that, to get Chinese “world factory” status is not without costs, and clean air of happiness guarantee that money can not buy. Our textbooks have vowed: China “will never take the old road pollution first, treatment later developed.” Let us see the haze is not only environmentally friendly Chinese people over the years only in slogans, but also once again confirms the proverb:. “Believe everything the book, the book is better than no” to emphasize the achievements keep a sober mind is a good thing, I believe acrid haze give us enough sense of urgency, so that we too late to adjust public policy and lifestyle, and finally embarked on the road of sustainable development.

Fourth, the Chinese people more haze humor. Cute and respect for the Chinese people is tough, that optimism, the ability to maintain a sense of humor lies in the difficulty. As previously mentioned, “self does not suck,” the Chinese people laughing compiled a lot about haze piece: driver drove rear-end, forward car owners say crowds crowd, you can hit, it’s not fate, fog haze; the world’s farthest distance, I hold your hand in the street, but can not see you; appointments to the park, and so on for a long time not seen his girlfriend to a phone call she said she was sitting on that chair, I really touched around a beautiful fur coat, kissed for a while and found he is a husky …… do not be discouraged, to humor. Tucao is an ability to laugh is an attitude, Kuzhongzuole can pave the way for the re spiritual path. Haze inspired the Chinese people’s sense of humor, humor is a source of strength to overcome the haze.

Finally, let the Chinese people long haze knowledge. As Public Enemies, haze we naturally become a hot topic. Whether you are an expert academics, government officials, or Meng Fei as TV presenter, or unknown ordinary users, whether professional and not professional, everyone has the right to talk about haze, because no one immune to it. In between arguments and laughing, our weather, geography, physics, chemistry and history knowledge has the Cheyne, English proficiency has also been improved. If there is no haze, PM2.5 you know what is it? Did you know cooking, barbecue is caused by haze behind it? Did you know 60 years ago in London haze has claimed 1.2 million lives do? You know haze (smoke) and smog (smog) These two words do?

If these are the haze brought us gifts, so costs are too high. The wind roared, haze gradually dispersed, voiced hope that the wind only the things away, leave us the unity of the nation, equal social, sober-minded, humorous spirit and passion for knowledge – let them take root in the vast land We can confidently respond to environmental and other challenges.

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