monica ross with a life to remember

Just heard the very uber Uber UBER sad news about Monica Ross passing away. Monica was always full of life, and life was full with her. Monica was a tutor of main at Brighton Uni, and in some ways, always provided invaluable guidance, as a friend and a fellow artist as well..

In Bernard’s words:


Dear All,

It is with great sadness and regret that I announce the death of Monica Ross which occurred at 5.05 am BST on the 14 June 2013; the very day on which Anniversary—an act of memory reached its 60th and concluding Act at the 23rd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland.

The sixty performances may have reached their conclusion as a series but it is a sincere hope that others may be encouraged and inspired to continue the endeavour to promote human rights throughout the world and if using Anniversary—an act of memory as a model or template, Monica would be only too delighted.

The performances may have concluded but the work will continue. There are many hours of documentation to edit and much material to collate which will then constitute a body of work which can be exhibited widely as she would have wished it to be.

Many thanks to the many well wishers who have offered their love and support to Monica and her family during her recent illness.

Monica died peacefully, in her sleep in the presence of her close family.

Bernard G Mills

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