monica ross with a life to remember

Just heard the very uber Uber UBER sad news about Monica Ross passing away. Monica was always full of life, and life was full with her. Monica was a tutor of main at Brighton Uni, and in some ways, always provided invaluable guidance, as a friend and a fellow artist as well.. In Bernard’s words: […]

arbitrariness, art, power, media, talent – in order

Consider the theatre of airports. The media of porting from one designated area to another. X is the spot for stateland#1. Through the medium of an arbitrary line, we have to Show a passport and cross – trans – to area Y where slightly different rules are being mediated, eg “duty free” shops. All these […]

part#1 of art opportunities of all sorts in June 2013

JOBS (ACADEMICS, ARTISTS, CURATORS): Current available positions at the TATE. UK. Deadline: asap. SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) current Opportunities. USA. Deadline: asap. Victoria and Albert Museum: View current vacancies and apply online. Deadline: asap. University of Glasgow, College of Arts: View current vacancies and apply online. Deadline: asap. […]

initial links re questions of values in art/culture as 1st response for the artadmin panel on monday 10.06.13

will #art genome be using a me…

will #art genome be using a metaphor linked to bio-evolution while excluding arts that fall outside its definition?