arbitrariness, art, power, media, talent – in order

Consider the theatre of airports.
The media of porting from one designated area to another. X is the spot for stateland#1. Through the medium of an arbitrary line, we have to Show a passport and cross – trans – to area Y where slightly different rules are being mediated, eg “duty free” shops.
All these acts in the airport theatre wouldn’t occur without power. Without someone cowing another to consider harsh consequences if they did not play in that show. Power assumes people just want to get from a to b – hence will tolerate stuff they might not otherwise. Also, as it tends to be, people that come to challenge the powers that run airport theatres, usually tend to be having ideas of running the very same theatre, under very similar power rules – only difference is the person/s who holds the reins and gets the money..

Coming back to art.. So to have a theatre such as an airport – or a computer application, for that matter, where commands are used to express power in relation to users and machine/tech – the actors in that play do not need to have much talent. No other talent that that of following rules. (..which perhaps am sounding like berating – but i find it hard to do.. is that why am into surfing?)
In a sense, the arbitrariness of talent – as in born with a talent to act/play/sing/draw/write/etc. – is being replaced perhaps by a more general requirement to be valued, eg follow rules. In this case though, the arbitrariness is in power. We still have to contend with specific decisions that are born of power rather than a process which we can sway and suffer no ill effects from that..

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