Note note n0t3 no73 No73 n0T3 nOT3 NoTe how to how to OW 2 OHW to owh hwo too how write to?

Some people, including mostly myself, feel that I should do more.
Or other.
Other and more!
And and and more other?

Perhaps, clueless to me, you too experience similar sensations??!!

There are countless boxes full of – notes.
Countless notes without any boxes.
Floor areas in the room are with piles of – notes.
(..and the room was cleared less than a month ago.)
There are notebooks, filofaxes, papers made of opened and shut letters, package wrappings, heck – sometimes the wall – full of – notes.
The fridge? Notes.
The house door? Notes.
(Probably lucky i share the house, or notes will be found on each wall, door and room.)
The unused gate on the porch? Notes.
The Wall outside the house? Notes.
Indeed, the computer? The phone? The tablet? The other 2 older computers and a cloud space? Most of these are massed by notes.
Notes made of images, recordings, clips, texts, objects, paint, chalk, old monitors and other note making.
Indeed, this itchy blog thing?
Most posts are not posted, 100’s of them are notes that i think – unlike this one – might possibly turnout interesting but
currently are nearly not that curious somehow.
A thought?
Perhaps a suspicion?
Perhaps even less recommended as something worth suspecting.

These ArrgghhhaaahhHH-knotted notes will have something that’s too entertaining
or too predictable
reflective flexes from momentary buzzings rather than a
or that I fail the notes somehow
or that they repeat that which we already share in culture
or they seem to undo themselves into a blah following blahh and blahhhlahh
which fail to live differently from other blahhhhs
that they have rhythms rather than
ability to do rhythmicalities
or that they, after a while, get forgotten
or that they are just

Could we call that noteNoteHoarding some kind of a phobia?
Name calling helps naming rather than me atm tbh.
Name calling is a kind of capture and it seems self-defeating to call for a cultural freedom in ways that enables imagining away, out, without, through and done-with humans capturing stuff like other humans, animals, times, concepts, spaces, and such-like.
Capturing as a cultivation rather than technic – eg, oxygen captured from air.

I am determined that this text will not come to live as a note.
How will else will this will text will could will live will wonder will meander will death will not will?

Beyond the pseudo psycho popbubble poofpaff, i think there’s a call to check how come, notes become?
become or evolve or appear or come or indeed – go into a stack of some kind and disappear into a vanishment?

* NoT3
There’s an idea.
Maybe not even that (an idea)
in manner of something that can be defined but an itch, an urge, a call, a repeating sensation that comes to require a look at. Yes, a look looking at in a way that texts warp thoughts speed, reflect, twist
(through the difference between reflection, sensation and thought)
and offer a turn into the symbolic which opens a way to the abstract with thought-sensations.
(ie words and letters are symbolic.
they can get abstracts in and of their own right. Like the word Letter in english lives as a unique abstract, different to a letter in other languages, like arabic. We have a letter that’s connected to the act of writing, and a letter that’s connected to the objects used – letters. One with a gender, another without any. and so on.
Yet, both the person who speaks arabic and the one in english – think and sense something to do with sending something – possibly written, but maybe not – through a postal service to some other human/organisation/etc..)

** NoT3
2 as a shape lives as an abstract of it’s own kind that’s different from, for example the term “two” in english or “dva” (polish) despite the fact all 3 reference couplings. Each does the referencing in it’s own manner and hence, own way of drawing away – a manner that may offer taking to different directions, other instantiations of the abstracted form.
An english Two – unlike the polish – may find it hard to live as a particular gender… They will rhyme with other sounds and so on..
3ToN **

So.. There’s an itch kinda sensation who’s fruit come as a note or two?
that call for making a note, each call seems to have it’s own spontaneity, own ways and manners that demand attention.
It seems a bit suspiciously like Derrida’s assertions regarding deconstruction’s method. That each process of deconstruction has to live in its’ own way.(?)

each topic may require its’ own way of doing. A way that escapes?
this aaarggghhhaaahh re notes is done as notes?

Rhythms, osculations, memories and manners.
There’s a part of me that just wants to put all the notes into a mega something together. BooooooooM!
..and then what?
A part of me that coined a term, TideOn –
a combination of demons and tides (Which have a common etymological narrative). The demons that haunt as surging tides can come as ever moving notes on Notes as well as on Between-Escapes-And-Exits, or the cosmic-the_art-the_language, and others.
However, the key term here is
on, ie About, which fails to live as the stuff itself.
A note about notes that comes as a narrative, or a tragedy,or a program, or a workshop, or a letter and such –
fails the life as a note. It comes to live between, for example a note and a DNA sequence.
perhaps we can go here into something interesting?
Say a these notes in manner of notes,
aren’t in fact – NOTES – anyway.
They attempt,
perhaps in some kind of a Derridian manner, do some kind of a justice to note-making by refusing to abandon their manners, their ways. However, through that refusal, gain some kind of a uniquness too. A claim to come free of a particular way without damaging one’s self nor others.

Perhaps curious not note that by mapping justice onto ways-of-doing-stuff we get into Techne?
Technology as justice rather than rule sets?
Justice as a sense of technology rather than preordained patterns?
How will you treat the moon?
Like a child? Like a tree? Like a politician? Like a tech device? Like a wrecked car? Or, as another Moon?
ie find own technologies through the very mutual enthusiations between yourself and
the moon?

Techne has motivations (at times), procedures, operations – no rules as:
you have to do XYZ like, for example, road riding rules.
In other consideration way –
we have a few apples.
now, we don’t know how many, but we want to do Justice to the amount of apples and feel that such a Justice will be to
represent How Many there are.
(Suppose we are motivated by amounts here rather than, the colours?)
To do that amounting justice
we have a Technology called counting.

1 + 1 = 2 apples!!
In that manner
Techne and Justice come enthused, they require one another to live.
They can
BE apart but to LIVE – operate and evolve – they seem to come divine for one another since they take each other to a different dimension that allows
other than the mere doing techne and justice – an else.

I think the character of that Else-From-JusticeTechne is something that currectly i can not perceive..

*** NOTE ***
Enthusiations? WTF!
Yes.. Something is missing here –
when enthused comes as a becoming into a certain sensation with a divine, we can consider that as a mutual process. The divine comes to become enthused from their own direction.
We could call all that
Infused and rid of the Divine.
However, perhaps a difference is due since we are talking of hyperdimensional potential of various coming-together.

*** NOTE ** NOTE ***
The coming and becoming here may live misleadingly.
The thoughts are really towards abilities – or some such. Able to X, In Range of X, With the Spec of X, Moving in X speed, Has exits and escapes that vibrate and oscillate with X.

Doesn’t this notion of Techne-as-Justice is insufficient since it requires poiesis?
The manner/ways of doing stuff – that erupts from between justico-techne en-fusion – lives in itself as a fruit bearing process (aka poiesis) by the very fact we seem to agree here that something Else comes to life. (otherwise, no eruption..)

Considering a couple of notes ago when the notion of each tideon/subject may require their own manners?
Familiar with a feeling like:
I thought this will take X energy – but it was much more.
Many times i begin something – like these notes – and realise that in fact, the text/activity demands much more than seemed.
That’s the kind of stuff referred to when there are sensations of enthusing with something that has their own lives?

Again, considering a note when the notion of in-ability to not live between a certain about subject and their manner/way? (in case there is an About.. Abouts are not always needed, in fact, at times it seems that About such and such lives as a lazy way to do something in-it-own-self.

** NOTE ??!!

*** NOTE re ??!!
How can i seriously claim that there are Things in their own selves when i keep saying they are not??
I keep saying that the life – anything comes to life one way or another – hence always lives between exits, escapes and pressures – like an intelligence, like a language. Hence
perhaps i am being
UnJustified by asking-demanding myself to have Own way to each thing that will fail to brutalize that thing itself?

*** NOTE re ??!! in mind:
how to write when words enthuse through a byNess of one another
inthuse aND infuse and enfuse?

We tend to string sentences together with words and some kind of grammar.
there connections go beyond that.
Found yourself saying something you didn’t Want to – but in fact you meant?
It feels like
the words connect themselves and come together.

Sometimes it may be mere grammar, like:
N is at home.
I might not think that N is a Being (ie the IS) nor at but WithIn home – a home that isn’t theirs.
However, the information I want to convey comes to
N is at home.

Or the more common occurrences, like saying something through some kind of an emotional sequence that suddenly gets taken as a hidden “truth”.

When writing, do you always know what’s the next word? In case you do, is it clear how the sentence and then sentences come together?

We tend to focus on connections though. Ie
This word should connect with the next to form something.
However, we could write through
differences between.
Which should sound easy:

I want drink music.
The mountain-top is melancholic.

Two randomly picked lines coming together makes a reader Want to connect. However, we can do disconnections like
Mountain-top and want –
they seem to have nothing in common on their own.
Want as a sensation
Mountain-Top as a sensation
require a certain force – if not violence – to be brought together, however,
why not keep them apart?

So what to do, whats’ the interest if we can pick anything and declair it apart from such and such other thing?

There’s always something wrong and missing too!