notes about imagination and linkes elements?>

i think that because of stuff i imagine to have been through, the language of imagination is that of links. suggestive links, crossing links, sequential links, etc. – however links they are.
This disturbs me because:
– i am probably wrong, there must be other elements – irreducible/primes – of the imagination lingo-material.
– i do not know now how to do that language in a way that its materials are indeed links rather than visions/reflection of links.

the other disturbance in my mind is that of known/knowledge/past.
I thought that it seems reasonable/authentic/honest to claim that I know stuff from past. hence search is from spacetime of knowing rather than towards utter unknown. this way, i felt that basing on the known rather than focusing on the un of knowns, can help imagination and search go wilder.
However, in reality, do I really know the past of my futures? Do I not keep reassessing, checking, criticising precisely because i know not..?

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