palestine – israel : 1 monster 4 2 communities?

Having just came back from a short visit in palestine/israel or rather Frankelstine, the Frankensteinian monster of israel + palestine + jews + muslims + christians + other religiously twisted minds, al-jazeera’s headline for, which at time of typing, reads “We didn’t occupy any State” – rings horror in my mind.

Having done the search of meeting places for cockroaches and people at mediterranean biennale in the palestinian village of sakhnin – occupied since 1949 – and began the search for Hamas and Palestinian Authority in the israeli army HQ in tel-aviv; I’ve experienced the pain of 2 brutilised communities. One brutalised via kicking another, the other brutalised by being kicked – violence is a processes of forceful un-understandable, incomprehensible, random and haphazard acts & occurrences. These, like any kind of rape, leave people – perhaps other animals as well – scarred by pain for life.
That is the kind of life religious communities attempt to cultivate. Faced with seemingly random yet brutal universe/”nature”, I think that ancient people had to try and tolerate or accept so they could live without tipping over through fear, might be one of the elements that solved themselves into faith and religion. Hence Job asks for answers and being told to have faith, find the epistemic sensation of answers in faith and be satisfied with that. And that is why the book of Job is not para-biblical.

The people that got to curate the bible, mirroring the forceful arbitrariness that kept throbbing their lives incomprehensibly, I think, did not want or were mentally/emotionally unable to be considerate in their curation. I think they wanted to portray a very certain narrative within the various stories and views that lived within the jewish communities of their times, and their jewish histories.
So when I read “We didn’t occupy any State” the biblical twisting of history came to mind. No one, not even hamas, argues that the jewish community has occupied a state.
I think its rather typical of the jewish community in Frankelstine – though perhaps I shouldn’t write this as there are 0 examples that come to mind. And perhaps such practice of answering questions the other person is not claiming to have, is typical of other groupings as well – I didn’t check.. Indeed, perhaps somehow ironically the typicalness or otherwise of the State occupation question is not important here?
Perhaps the more interesting element is the example of self-righteousness that helps continuing the violence upon the “other” as well as one’s own self..?

One reply on “palestine – israel : 1 monster 4 2 communities?” – the fascistic links by yehoody china and livny
apropriateness of frankenstines monster:
pun – language of pun culture childish
death – untimely dead (criminals) and long time gone kaout dead, yet seemingly untimely – and timeless at that – by both communities
(eg myth of diaspora (zionistas deny to pals what they afford themselves, while pals make the nakba their crusible, their reason for being and the sorry state palestinians are at. myth.. and right to return..)

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