primes and evolution?

Check this, lets say we have this thing called “prime interval”?

Meaning this: ?

..or maybe ?

Hummm.. Lets say that “prime interval” is any set of prime numbers that the interval between then is a prime?

Like 7 and 11?

..and 11 and 17?

Hummm.. 11 and 17 has a 6 between them. Not a prime, is it?

Like.. 5, 7, 11 and 13?

Which number will come after 13?

Is 2 a proper prime?

OK.. Now.. lets say that we have this bot that lives of getting sets of “prime intervals”?

You mean an algorithm that keeps generating new sets of “prime intervals”?

Yes.. Lets suppose that. Is it not interesting that the term “generating” is so precise in this case?

Why? could it not be rephrased as evolving new such sets?

Does it evolve these sets?

What is it wasn’t a bot but an animal?

An animal?

Say some sort of an organic being, an organism that lives off from “prime intervals”?

What about that?

This prime intervals organism, does it generate these sets?

It might do, no?

It might indeed, however, it could be doing something rather more interesting, I think. It seems to me that it could evolve these sets no?

Evolve? How?

Are these numbers not sorts “out there all ready”?

Not sure abot being out there, how ever, by “evolve”, this organism might realise new properties to do and linked with these numbers. Properties we currently are clueless about, hence can be open for even radical stuff, no?

Hold on.. Could we not get some heuristic algorithmic element do the same with the bot?

Yes.. Perhaps this is the crux – if we did use some heuristics with the bot, are we doing the same thing as with an organic being that might have new generations and reflections upon the prime intervals, which we can not coach nor foresee?

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