proof of no proof proofing unproved the proover dis-prover


Check some anti pro west news on, where they posted some details re Greenwald’s assertion that spy agencies do various online manipulations they really should not..

However the reality of the situation really is, in terms of news manipulations, the point is precisely that even if it does not occur – it is a possibility..
If indeed as this sounds a plausible possibility, perhaps it warrants a “news proof proofing protocol”??
Just a quick wonder whether it might be an interesting challenge for people.. If we can have a proof of work/stake.etc. protocol for an exchange network as in the bitcoin and derivatives, is it not possible to have a sort of proof of authenticity re news?
Perhaps interestingly, I read somewhere.. Where? Here! an idea of doing authenticity proof network for “art” where art = objects to be sold, hence bringing back the idea of author, authentic object, numbered edition etc..

In a sense perhaps this is regarding an automation of stuff many of us keep doing re news anywhere.. Cross checking info.. The DontByteTillXed protocol? 😉

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