replication, copy and imitation as best appreciation?

Heard the recent plagiarism woohaa re trump and obama??

lol.. the replication, copying and replication unattributed?

Ah! Unattributed and pretended isn’t there..?

Does it all mean Obama is now officially the Trump god?

Hummm.. Perhaps there’s another interesting point here.. Lets call it “elephant appreciation”?

WhaT? Why start from the end?

Is this to diss elephants?

Check stuff like rightwing, conservative, libertarian (huh??!!) kind of attitudes which, for example, come on such posts to do with blacklivesmatter and gamersgate. Do they not call for “free expression” based on the historically western reformist, progressive and emancipatory movements?


The neo right-wing libertarians.. Whichever way they call themselves.. OK?

They say that they are not given the “right” for free expression?

Don’t they say that whenever they use free expression, say what they think, they are being told to shut up?

Yes.. In that sense, it seems like they Imitate the historical left call for Free expression, no?

Where’s the elephant?

Well.. The elephant in the room is usually the most obvious thing people do not notice.. Is that the reference?

So.. If someone imitates, is that a way they in fact appreciate whoever it is they imitate?

Like.. Trump infact appreciate Obama..? Even if for nothing else but oratory skills?

Or like the contemporary rightwingers appreciate the need for free speech?

Unlike older rightwingers which historically tried to control and stamp out free speech?

However, how do these contemporary right wingers do the free speech.. Look, they try to use it for abusing people.. Don’t they use free speech against people seen as low in the social hierarchy set?

Is that the same as saying rightwingers abuse free speech for talking down and bully people with some perceived vulnerabilities?

Is that like fascists using democracy to get elected so they could end democracy?

Where’s the elephant?

Well.. Should the left not combat that rightwing trend to abuse what was achieved by all these emancipatory pushes?

What if, when the detractor imitates, it can be an end of a cycle?

What if once a person that said no, is now arguing for a yes – be it their own version of a Yes – then its an end of a wave?

Why not point to how hypocritical they are?

An end of a wave? Is that giving up time?

Maybe an end of a wave is a beginning for a new one?

Why not be critical of free speech, based upon its call to be used even if the usage of free speech is to frighten people?

What if indeed instead of free speech we’d do another radical shift – to fearless speech?

Will that not be allowing threatening speech to claim it is fearless to utter itself?

.. perhaps, but then how would it deal with the reality of using fear upon others?

Is this not the same as saying that the rightwing free speech is hypocritical and corrupted because, in fact it attempts to use freedom to take it away from others?

Yes.. I think there are similarities.. However, does it not take away the rag of free as an expression and focuses on fearless as the generator and maker of freedom?

As in can one be free whilst living in fear?

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in a sense, is it that fearless wave is todo with melting democratic rights and freedom via focusing on being without fear?

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