search categories and categories vs search?

I am wondering whether it is possible to argue that categorisation – also that of objects, and object types – is actually a practice that somehow might deny the process of search..
It seems that, at least in the sense of Presentation, categories come after a search process… I am not saying that one is more important, nor that if one comes before another, it must have a priority. However, I think that one should be – as they are – sequential elements of each other.. If indeed they are a part of a sequence..
Also, I think that if we can remain within the search as a sequence of its own, it can perhaps provide a new, or rather different way in a radical sense, to interact with the world..(?)


Perhaps an element is Negotiation..
I think, based on observations** that negotiations are searches because after doing that process for a while, we get the ability to categorise/know-X-proceedures and have a sort of formula/algorithm/machine to do that activity/process..
In that sense, art, as a harsh blackhole kind of *activities* is the kind of stuff that to be is uncategorised..
There are some arguments I have heard re art being pre-lingo lingo.. Perhaps related..?

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