sensations as are links they are?

if you keep with this process that you are reading now, lets call this reflecto-senso-read.. Now, via that declaration, we have reflecto-senso-reading?

spoken, written and shared-made lingos as senslinks..? 1 + 1 is a link to other sensations that can be sharedlinked as 1s..?
eg the whole of the earthbound incect population is 1, the gallaxy in which they live is another 1. now, 1 (insect population) + 1 (gallaxy)

they might not be = 2?

right – hence i didn’t begin with 1 + 1 = 2
1 + 1 is a foldable sequence – but how it folds makes it a readymade object.
if its left as 1 + 1, it is a link, no?

now lets consider 1 whole insect population + 1 galaxy?
from these 1 + 1 we could fold into a film of the insects galaxy? or continue to a + 1 human – 1 number? or = the rhythms between the shortest noises they do? or Once upon a language of an insect planet that realised they are inside a galaxy?


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