somthing interesting about but what?

Was checking and am not sure wtf interests me, through something clearly does!
There is the translation element..
I want you to tell me a story, translated to Intend to read-out-loud from text body.
There is a certain level of abstraction, a transferable of the specific request. Now that I have the transfereable, I can re-employ it in different contexts..
However, that does not interact with the specific, as I think(??) search does.. ie to get a search going, I get the specific – read me text A – interacting with Text reading in general – and the question/imagination of which text to read/when/where etc.. they are all kind of different elements, like ingredients of a dish that make it all together.. I suspect that is how it occurs with the wit – but in a more functional way..?

So… Do I want to abstract from? Into? Do triggers?

100 pushes DO I TRANSLATE into bunch of push-to-move?
it can be WAYS TO MOVE FROM P1 to P2?
it can be as above + giving a feel for people
how to give a feel for people and link between meeting points?
as above and Time, how time gets in to do its bit? Is time an element of the practice??

Is it not just sort of reflective??

stimulative? triggery?

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