#art, football and free source?

Last night some footie supporters seem to have pinned something I couldn’t, in a very few words and communicable way:
“£64 a ticket, but without fans, football is not worth a penny”.

Could this not be:
“£X an art? without audiences, art does not worth a penny.”
“£x for a social-network/search-engine’s etc. shares? Without users, social-network/search-engine is worthless.”
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fire fox a conn?

The idea of a firefoxOS is very appealing. Check this!

Its fab to use html5, javascript, etc to make apps that do not need to be in someone’s “store”. Its cool that, the source is javascript and more accessible for people – not-very-programmers – like me.. (according to one of firefox devs, who I met in a turkish restaurant in london 7 months ago, the whole OS javascropt code is Less than 1000 lines..)
And yes, the fact mozilla is involved, with its long record of community tech developments – is helping fan my sense of anticipation.

According to http://arty.li/Zpw – Mozilla takes firefoxOS to bed with Foxconn. ie Mozilla + foxconn are entering a relationship. The nature of this relationship is a bit up in the air as far as the statement goes, but I am sorry, when it comes to companies like foxconn, am not expecting honest clarity.
The same foxconn that was so troubled by suicides in their factories – they introduced a net to stop it.
The same foxconn that, like any other brutal regime, put down protesters by violence. Foxconn might be many things for different people, however, an open and democratic processes embracing kind of a company – counter-intuitive as it might be – foxconn is not.

I thought that Mozilla, and by extension, firefox browser + OS, is different. I thought that Mozilla will be more independent, less dependent upon ties to particular companies. Sure, companies like sony, samsung, htc, and indeed foxconn might take up firefox and do what-ever they like with it. However, embracing and going to formalise relationships – rather than links – with such entities, seems for me a bit off the ethos it seemed Mozilla is a part of.

Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps the relationships with foxconn will inspire the company to become a workers’ cooperative with an attitude that opposes getting materials from Congo, where women are raped by spears to clear way for mining of rare metals. Perhaps Mozilla’s relationship with foxconn will inspire the company to press the Chinese Han controlled state to give Tibet its freedom, to allow non-Han Chinese state citizens to have equal status, or simply to through away the Chinese proto fascistic socio-political body and embrace emancipatory processes.
These might sound a bit sarcastic, however, I really do hope am wrong because real lives are involved in this. In my mind at least…

I hope that Mozilla’s actions, which perhaps represent some real-politique kind of thinking, will not lead to relationship of dependency, silence and stealth legitimisation of activities, policies and practices which entities like foxconn do. Perhaps the technologies developed for FirefoxOs will not be compromised for the benefit of foxconn, though is it civil to leave these questions up for un-accountable processes to be decided by?
Maybe this is an over reaction, however I wonder why mozilla doesn’t make such pivotal decisions as long-term relationships with, profit-only motivated companies, up for discursive processes that could produce an oversight by users and developers.

identica no more? – where to?

Been using, and telling people, identica for a long time now. Well, years is a long time in the web time scale of life.
Today I noticed that by the 1st of june 2013 Mr identica & Status.net is going to migrate it all to new baby pump.io. Had a look at the pump thing, and to be honest it doesn’t seem too bad and probably will work fine somehow and in time.
However, am wondering about the Way this is done – seems very whimsical in that a person decides by themselves. He does do a lot of testing, and takes time, I know. However, the move does concern other people and it seems authoritarian and illegitimate to do because there are many other un-consulted people involved.

So, in some ways this is too bad really, because it made me look further into free, perhaps even distributed, possibilities to move into. Currently these seem a bit flaky, but hey.. Am I not flaky as well..? 😉

Here are a couple, and hopefully more to come:
http://www.gnu.org/software/social/noticed that the code is on http://gitorious.org rather than github.. Any reason?