#art, football and free source?

Last night some footie supporters seem to have pinned something I couldn’t, in a very few words and communicable way: “£64 a ticket, but without fans, football is not worth a penny”. Could this not be: “£X an art? without audiences, art does not worth a penny.” or “£x for a social-network/search-engine’s etc. shares? Without […]

fire fox a conn?

The idea of a firefoxOS is very appealing. Check this! Its fab to use html5, javascript, etc to make apps that do not need to be in someone’s “store”. Its cool that, the source is javascript and more accessible for people – not-very-programmers – like me.. (according to one of firefox devs, who I met […]

identica no more? – where to?

Been using, and telling people, identica for a long time now. Well, years is a long time in the web time scale of life. Today I noticed that by the 1st of june 2013 Mr identica & Status.net is going to migrate it all to new baby pump.io. Had a look at the pump thing, […]

an #opensource conference for …

an #opensource conference for everyone with $300 to spare – http://arty.li/ZcU

perhaps an interesting platfor…

perhaps an interesting platform for a X OS #app development? http://arty.li/ZSt