the prophet as a surfer as a prophet with a question to do with trees, and aesthetics?

Some may think or consider or conceive or decide or inscribe into their very selves that this line has a certain flow that can be isomorphed onto a line perhaps

a line that is drawn from left to right and as such has not just a directionality but also
some kind of a past beyond
the visual beginning a past that may
for example came from the top and fell into the place when it began a move rightward
a move whose biases we are yet to consider
in case we did
a question might come clear as to how such a moving line can have a life with analogies to surfers and prophets
i think that a moving line
taken as an abstraction from
a drawing away of something like a wave
can be easy to maintain since waves move and
by drawing a line it is plausible to dig it as the top surface
of a wave whose trajectory has a general direction while some
parts may seem on a zoomed in inspection to move in all sorts of directions and
indeed offer some possible feelings and impressions
that what the wave does is entirely other than
that which is observed from a certain zoomed
out perspective
wave surfers get
both perspectives
as they wait for
waves to come and
appear in the distance
and develop and get
individualised and
distinguished from other
waves around
waves that may seem lovely and fun
to surf with but a surfer has to learn
how to develop a kind of intuition
a kind of revelatory instincts that call like
a hunter’s attentive focus on the life they attempt
to hunt down
like a prophet that may get a revelation of clarity out
and through all sorts of noise around them like a cold
silent call that indicates a movements’ general direction
a trajectory that isn’t just local in time and in space but has
a fruitful dimension in way that has neither end nor beginning or beginnings
nor ends or any kind of need for such since the move just goes like the wave a surfer
must pick out and zoom in upon to get ready for a life’s ride of only a few minutes a move
that goes from – surf – into a seeming unknown that lives as a spontaneous cosmic behaviour that has always been and always will even when they have timelessness of their side?

Which is why considering roots of “problems” tends to offer compelling theories that have to both fail and mislead imho.