how – a living oedipus?

Here’s an idea to question various biases that might, in fact offer an exit into a general direction of human-to-human bias practices.

Might?!? (since we are talking of child<-->parent bias that, this text connects with a general x generation interactions.)

the age bias.
suppose that since one can not but have some kind of an itch to kill their parents, in one way or another,
socialising as equals with multi-age humans isn’t entirely “on” in var manners

Some claim that the interests and perceptions alters dramatically between generations.
say that there’s a question of “where’s a person in their life journey” –
ie are they with young kids, or looking for jobs, or with grandkids, etc..

However, for example, in #art and #philosophy – traditionally –
older artists/philosophers refer to their living or dead elders –
and refrain from conversations, and indeed artistic or philosophical to-and-fro with who ever comes under tags of a new and different generation.
something g harman has recently noted when he pointed that his engagement with t garcia comes in less than a traditional trajectory when cross generations engage in philosophy

I wonder whether there’s a curious traction there.
The fact that someone younger than me has a Fab idea, a perspective, a sensation to share, or some such, should not come as a barrier imho.