the violence of cultured sensations?

Just came back from a bus stop. Turns out, i happened to bump into a person that wanted to feel her sensations. No, sorry, not to feel her sensations – but to made to feel her sensations. Wanted to be forced to feel, forced to sense, to be unable to stop herself from feeling the sensations. No, ton to be unable to stop – but more accurately, to be Made to feel unable.

Being unable to stop herself, she argued, that was the power of art. That, indeed, was/is art for her.

Isn’t there a cultivation of violence there? I asked.


Yes. In a way, another manner of saying what you’ve just expressed is that you fancy being forced to experience stuff. Being forced entails violence of some kind, no? If this is the kind of art, or the kind of stuff that a person calls – art – then perhaps its fair to say they fancy cultivating violence?

(we began the chat by me asking her re sensations from Roundness..)

..But, she said, I do NOT feel any sensations of roundness just by you saying, “roundness sensations”…

Sure, glad to hear that!


..because its honest. 🙂

But, she said, you are not doing art because I Can Not Sense roundness.



Am now confused, I began my own honest line, you just said that you could sense roundness if, I suppose, I asked you to sense with a finger the shape of a ball, or an egg.. Right.

I can not sense roundness from you saying Roundness.

True. However, 1. can you imagine others being able to sense? and 2. even though you can not sense, once we have roundness as an abstreact, we can combine it with, for example, sense of paprika and legitimity into a new sensation – round-paprika-legitimity..

HUH???!!! But I do not feel these too..

Sure. However, since these are abstracts, now it might give an idea for someone to formalise that new sensation in a play, or as some music, or sculpture, or some code, etc.. No..?

TBC.. Bus has arrived.. 😉

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