why there’s no sex in blueness?

asked a friend to think of blue. they went: why blue? i pointed that blue is a relatively new colour in european cultures. so? my friend wondered. well.. you like new stuff. i don’t! i complain capitalism likes new. you like to complain capitalism likes new – maybe subconsciously it’s driven by an accelerating affinity […]

ai itches – gpt 3 and gpt j

philosophers about gpt3 with AI replies: Philosophers On GPT-3 (updated with replies by GPT-3) OpenAI Shuts Down GPT-3 Bot Used To Emulate Dead Fiancée: https://futurism.com/openai-dead-fiancee gtp-3 demos sites: Home https://gpt3demo.com/ gpt 3 on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GPT3/ sites/programs that are powered by GPT-3 and can be used now without a waiting list: (some actually do have a […]

tyranny how from free grieving being?

Most humans and AI heard about Thai, or possibly Chinese and in case that wrong a state and a statement and a mistaken id for humanity and some kind of an authentic artificial calculation like the one that wants to stretch a car from point A to point Z as a way to get it […]

how to exit a pushing escape?

each term here escapes a friction (ie written language fails to reflect or represent thoughts as much as words operate as reminders of stuff that can never come shared but offer a certain range made of approximations and sensations?) each grammar lives as a push from sensations converted with frictions into terms and manners that […]

how nothing change?

nothing change amend nothing nothing reform from nothing nothing cure subtitle nada nix-supplement alter -nothing not-a-thing an other- 何もない nothing-change different-nada nada-exblemish nothing-switch bend-no object ?? ?-? ??-?? ? ? change nothing ? nothing as a No Thing? A n0 th1ng change thing5? How to no but not null 7hings? How null hasn’7 a no […]

migrants inner planetary?

Its hard to let go of a sensation that humans – the animals that think they are the only ones to mourn and grieve – are in fact migrants in their own old host planet. Humans have in a way found a way to do an inner planetary migration, a removal from a planet that […]

?job holding job?

There’s a recent survey that’s been doing the rounds on uk mainstream media outlets recently. A survey that points towards some kind of a blame mentality. ie should people who lost jobs recently – covid19 and all in mind – be blamed for, err, losing their jobs? I’d like to listen to the question and […]

An openletter From How to Write to Who Do I write For?

Dear From How to Write to Who Do I write For? No multi universe in one cosmo? sure – write another open letter why wouln’t you? (later) or can we go: FH_tW_WDIwF? or shall we say: FromHow_toWrite_toWhoDoIwriteFor? and try: FHtWWDIwF? Are these a few different addressees? Who will read and how they might consider this […]

how despite appearance i am not a human?

the question of whether or not i am a human has hovered within me since childhood. since the time kids began calling me an Astro or an Alien It was very disorienting at 1st. “How would they know?” even as i moved schools, came across humans that didn’t know people from previous schools, and they […]

notes from judith butler’s force of nonviolence

The Force of Nonviolence An Ethico-Political Bind The Ethical in the Political by Judith Butler (z-lib.org) * Is there a mark-able and viable interval between Anti-Violence and Nonviolence? (i know anti-violence isn’t mentioned afaik – however, the other side of violence, the Anti, may have something to say re violence and its negations? * do […]

how – a living oedipus?

Here’s an idea to question various biases that might, in fact offer an exit into a general direction of human-to-human bias practices. Might?!? (since we are talking of childparent bias that, this text connects with a general x generation interactions.) the age bias. ie suppose that since one can not but have some kind of […]

the prophet as a surfer as a prophet with a question to do with trees, and aesthetics?

Some may think or consider or conceive or decide or inscribe into their very selves that this line has a certain flow that can be isomorphed onto a line perhaps a line that is drawn from left to right and as such has not just a directionality but also some kind of a past beyond […]

cosmic ocean art?

oceans can come to live as cosmic #artists since their imagination comes inscribed ontologicaly in their very co2 fabric. Imagination that comes UnDone when water materiality potentialities find themselves instantiated? This doesn’t point at potentia Everywhere – and potentia as #art (as i mistakenly claimed a few life times ago). possibly in certain kinds of […]

Note note n0t3 no73 No73 n0T3 nOT3 NoTe how to how to OW 2 OHW to owh hwo too how write to?

(note) Some people, including mostly myself, feel that I should do more. More? Or other. Other? Other and more! And..? And and and more other? Perhaps, clueless to me, you too experience similar sensations??!! * NOTE There are countless boxes full of – notes. Countless notes without any boxes. Floor areas in the room are […]

art? and? ? in? with? on? through? as? ? confinement?

(pre covid) huh? https://www.saatchiart.com/paintings/confinement/feature (as in art done while in covid infused confinement) Creative Confinement A long term view co rob smithson – Cultural Confinement – Robert Smithson

consciousness and willing freely – can choice as free (no punishment) unlike

options – a thread that utters Here’s conciousness? The Choice-Making Theory of Consciousness https://medium.com/the-philosophers-stone/free-will-and-consciousness-key-questions-c7946157e064 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuroscience_of_free_will

An Open Letter to Speculativity?

Dear Speculativity, Apologies might come duely since I have no clue whether you are Speculativity, Speculativities or indeed an un mention-able sensation that’s judged – or worst, PreJudged – a sort of pre-birth condemnation to live as a speculation. However – I guess that you are sensitive enough to smile wryly while freshly noticing the […]