how nothing change?

nothing change amend nothing nothing reform from nothing nothing cure subtitle nada nix-supplement alter -nothing not-a-thing an other- 何もない nothing-change different-nada nada-exblemish nothing-switch bend-no object ?? ?-? ??-?? ? ? change nothing ? nothing as a No Thing? A n0 th1ng change thing5? How to no but not null 7hings? How null hasn’7 a no […]

An openletter From How to Write to Who Do I write For?

Dear From How to Write to Who Do I write For? No multi universe in one cosmo? sure – write another open letter why wouln’t you? (later) or can we go: FH_tW_WDIwF? or shall we say: FromHow_toWrite_toWhoDoIwriteFor? and try: FHtWWDIwF? Are these a few different addressees? Who will read and how they might consider this […]

how despite appearance i am not a human?

the question of whether or not i am a human has hovered within me since childhood. since the time kids began calling me an Astro or an Alien It was very disorienting at 1st. “How would they know?” even as i moved schools, came across humans that didn’t know people from previous schools, and they […]

notes from judith butler’s force of nonviolence

The Force of Nonviolence An Ethico-Political Bind The Ethical in the Political by Judith Butler ( * Is there a mark-able and viable interval between Anti-Violence and Nonviolence? (i know anti-violence isn’t mentioned afaik – however, the other side of violence, the Anti, may have something to say re violence and its negations? * do […]

cosmic ocean art?

oceans can come to live as cosmic #artists since their imagination comes inscribed ontologicaly in their very co2 fabric. Imagination that comes UnDone when water materiality potentialities find themselves instantiated? This doesn’t point at potentia Everywhere – and potentia as #art (as i mistakenly claimed a few life times ago). possibly in certain kinds of […]

greetings, boss Seku?

I check basketball at times. Sadly, today it transpired that a basketball journalist I read a fair few times – was taken by covid. Seku Smith. Had no clue about the person outside basketball. Turns out, Seku Smith was a rather special person. Noticed a story about him that keeps ringing in me, it’s to […]