why there’s no sex in blueness?

asked a friend to think of blue. they went: why blue? i pointed that blue is a relatively new colour in european cultures. so? my friend wondered. well.. you like new stuff. i don’t! i complain capitalism likes new. you like to complain capitalism likes new – maybe subconsciously it’s driven by an accelerating affinity […]

tyranny how from free grieving being?

Most humans and AI heard about Thai, or possibly Chinese and in case that wrong a state and a statement and a mistaken id for humanity and some kind of an authentic artificial calculation like the one that wants to stretch a car from point A to point Z as a way to get it […]

how to exit a pushing escape?

each term here escapes a friction (ie written language fails to reflect or represent thoughts as much as words operate as reminders of stuff that can never come shared but offer a certain range made of approximations and sensations?) each grammar lives as a push from sensations converted with frictions into terms and manners that […]

?job holding job?

There’s a recent survey that’s been doing the rounds on uk mainstream media outlets recently. A survey that points towards some kind of a blame mentality. ie should people who lost jobs recently – covid19 and all in mind – be blamed for, err, losing their jobs? I’d like to listen to the question and […]

how – a living oedipus?

Here’s an idea to question various biases that might, in fact offer an exit into a general direction of human-to-human bias practices. Might?!? (since we are talking of childparent bias that, this text connects with a general x generation interactions.) the age bias. ie suppose that since one can not but have some kind of […]

the prophet as a surfer as a prophet with a question to do with trees, and aesthetics?

Some may think or consider or conceive or decide or inscribe into their very selves that this line has a certain flow that can be isomorphed onto a line perhaps a line that is drawn from left to right and as such has not just a directionality but also some kind of a past beyond […]

cosmic ocean art?

oceans can come to live as cosmic #artists since their imagination comes inscribed ontologicaly in their very co2 fabric. Imagination that comes UnDone when water materiality potentialities find themselves instantiated? This doesn’t point at potentia Everywhere – and potentia as #art (as i mistakenly claimed a few life times ago). possibly in certain kinds of […]

Note note n0t3 no73 No73 n0T3 nOT3 NoTe how to how to OW 2 OHW to owh hwo too how write to?

(note) Some people, including mostly myself, feel that I should do more. More? Or other. Other? Other and more! And..? And and and more other? Perhaps, clueless to me, you too experience similar sensations??!! * NOTE There are countless boxes full of – notes. Countless notes without any boxes. Floor areas in the room are […]

art? and? ? in? with? on? through? as? ? confinement?

(pre covid) huh? https://www.saatchiart.com/paintings/confinement/feature (as in art done while in covid infused confinement) Creative Confinement A long term view co rob smithson – Cultural Confinement – Robert Smithson

consciousness and willing freely – can choice as free (no punishment) unlike

options – a thread that utters Here’s conciousness? The Choice-Making Theory of Consciousness https://medium.com/the-philosophers-stone/free-will-and-consciousness-key-questions-c7946157e064 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuroscience_of_free_will

note/questions re w benjamin’s critique of violence?

Violence in nature comes curious IMHO. * How Benjamin feels the danger of humans taking darwinian evolution and, in a sense, divinationing their violence through a spinozian alter made of god=nature? * How violence might need to be asked whether they can live outside of a human. and in case they do – where and […]


How to have a Biastophe? We can make the term Biastrophe from a Bias and a +strephein (ie the +strophe, and made the S double with the one from biaS.) Biases come and indeed move with a slant, a “side-ways”, an accent, an angle. Is there a presumption that something Has a bias – have […]