uk is a thief

Linked to the practice of exchaning xdomains/xcountries/xstates giftcards in bus stops. On Saturday night, while picking some stuff in the local coop – the property keeper accused me of nicking stuff a few days earlier, and “asked” me to get get out of the shop. I was like: “WHAT??!!” He was: LOOK, Here’s a photo […]

sport and society but uncontrolled?

Since Cesar the original stating stuff to the effect that developing gladiatorial events in the Colosseum is rather cool for keeping most people happily concentrated on stuff that doesn’t really matter, I think a certain usage of sport* by politicians and power people has a certain documented evidence. (* Gladiatorial games are indeed neither sport […]

coco co coocoo corelation ismic?

Checked corelation on the dictionary. Seems interesting the way that corelations might come about. The word art has to Be,in english, when a is followed by an r that’s followed by t. Once the letters come is that specific order – sequence – they are correlated for the purpose of producing the sound of the […]

pain and death fear?

According to Hilary Puntam’s computationalist manifesto a conscious organism is a probabilistic automata that can sense/feel pain. The pain bit is not the same as fear, but reminds me Hegel’s idea of fear of death – an end – as a kind of probable crisis that requires an awareness for probable extension of living time. […]

an illustration of ignorance or

just cheesy marketing? Check this from Alexandria – History, unedited. Alexandria preserves the integrity of the historical record. It taps into collective, on-the-ground reporting by scraping Twitter as events unfold and prevents after the fact censorship by archiving the information on a blockchain. Alexandria’s visual word cloud and timeline slider illuminate surprising connections. It’s […]