art, football, and politics?

maybe not politics but simply brute power?

Seems like for hosting the world cup / mondial in football/soccer, the 2014 hosts, Brazil, will at least consider adding some laws and make it easier for power to questionlessly arrest more people and call them terrorists.

I think the fact the issue is being on the debate table at all is a sorry testament to brazilian democracy. Is it not talked about because of a fifa – an organisation/company – request, rather than a part of the population’s social wills negotiation?

Indeed, the sort of authoritarian element made me think about football and art.. What if footballers said: ok, if you guys use football to get more power – we are out. I think many people will claim, like some do regarding art, that football should stay away and outside politics..

However, what a footballer do if/when they feel their game is used by politicians? Isn’t silence a form of compliance hence becomes political by default?

Perhaps one way of doing that stirring away from the politics is to state and be how you are, an artist, a footballer – not a political actor on the main.. eg
Placing a politician on the hot spot of being an abuser of football/art for their political agenda, is not political as long as the critique is not of a certain political strand only. A critique then becomes social and cultural. It can have effects on politics, however in and of itself, it is not a part of the frequency – game(??) – of being with power. Maybe the opposite, its questioning power from a perspective of an element in the network. I did X, why do you politician/person fancies doing XYZ with it?

Perhaps not asserting, being silent, is sort of political ignorance?

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