beep beeep beepbeep

Since am going to be skateboarding on Palestine[‘s roads, it seemed like an idea to try engaging people via peeping for a cause kind of request.

Initially, I thought it will be an idea to use it also as a way to inform about the project via some web address which will be descriptive. eg palestine-art-exchange or something to that effect.

However, after seemingly unrelated email exchange with the people of the Wild Cherry cafe – whom am asking for help in some translation – it seemed like talking of the exchange would be stupid.. Too much to read when you are on the move, no?

Since the request is for beeping, seemed cool to repeat it in the web address.. However a fair few web domains already got their own beep..
Took a while and a bit of questioning between beepbeep, beeeeep, beeep, etc. – ended up with
Hope it will work fine..

The line to be translated will be something to the effect of beep for art..

Perhaps slightly ironic, in context of this project that beep and blip was conflated in the beep song by pussycat dolls.. Or perhaps this is another kind of border transgressed..?

Another sort of linked – be it thematically – Beep, is the Block Extensible Exchange Protocol. The url has a core in it, perhaps because most beeps are gone..? 😉

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