culture and cultivating aesthetics for insects synthesis – The bbc produced a show about eating insects. One of the arguments running throughout is that insects offer a solution for both human food consumption rise and, in sorta turn, the effects we do not want to create on the “environment”.
I think it is perhaps interesting that this “solution” is seen as a cultural rather than a scientific one. In a sense, it can be said that since edible insect production is space generous and energy light, we can feed the world as you read, without the need for, say, genetic modifications. In a sense, perhaps this can be termed epigenetic modification. Though perhaps I use that epigenetical term with more ignorance than relevant questioning..

However, the bbc being, err, BBC, the ability to imagine is limited to & by functionalism and fear/reluctance/timidity – not intelligence.. And so despite imagining, or perhaps am wrong and it is in fact, depicting, a world fed via cultural modifications rather than scientific analysis – for capitalist ripoff cultural nature, its all one and the same. Hence young kids working is fine. Selling is fine. Factory production – rather than, for example, personal insect growth tool kits, are fine too.

Maybe its not a bBc thing.. Maybe we are infact represented by the combination of cultural solution & inability to go beyond our imprisoning culture.. (ie the capitalist imprisonment of social imagination..) Maybe that is one of the “reasons” the insect solution is through tradition of a certain culture’s activities, rather than its innovation or attempt to branch out at least..?

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