google and power abuse for cynical view of human laziness

People, like any organic and perhaps even non-organic network-switch-modes (NSM??), seek the optimum laziest way to be. You’d rather type YA than YACY, for the search engine webaddress to come up. Hence the heads in google and other profiteering organisations, figured hey, we can own one word and people’s minds at the same time.
Why stuff like / / when we can have some name to be the activity people want to do? People do not really google, they search, in their minds..
Hence google and co-conspirators, turned to try and get their will imposed. How can they tell the rest of us what is the agenda? Because we give them power? And because that power, once given, is really unchecked? Because as people, corporations seek the laziest way to be and must therefore abuse the power we gave them?
Because we give power..?

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